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Celebrating Southern Culture and Tradition at the Cheerwine Festival

by Bareera

Cheerwine Festival is an annual event that takes place in Salisbury, North Carolina, celebrating everything that makes the South unique and vibrant. From delicious food and drinks to live music and entertainment, this festival has something for everyone. In this article, we will take a closer look at the cheerwine Festival and explore what makes it such a beloved event for locals and visitors alike.


The Cheerwine Festival began in 2018 as a way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Cheerwine, a family-owned soft drink company based in North Carolina. The festival has since grown into a massive event that draws thousands of people every year. The festival takes place in downtown Salisbury and features a wide variety of activities and attractions.

Food and Drink

One of the highlights of the Cheerwine Festival is the food and drink offerings. Attendees can sample a range of traditional Southern dishes, including barbecue, fried chicken, and biscuits. There are also plenty of local vendors selling Cheerwine-themed treats, such as Cheerwine slushies, Cheerwine ice cream, and Cheerwine cupcakes.

Cheerwine, of course, is the star of the show. Visitors can enjoy unlimited samples of the iconic soft drink and even purchase limited edition Cheerwine merchandise.

Music and Entertainment

The Cheerwine Festival also features live music and entertainment throughout the day. Local bands and musicians perform on several stages across the festival grounds, playing a mix of genres from bluegrass to rock n’ roll. There are also carnival rides, games, and other fun activities for all ages.

Community Spirit

One of the things that sets the Cheerwine Festival apart is its strong community spirit. The festival brings together locals and visitors from all walks of life to celebrate the region’s culture and tradition. Many of the vendors and performers are from the area, adding to the festival’s sense of authenticity and local pride.

The festival also provides an opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services. Many downtown shops and restaurants offer special deals and promotions during the festival, attracting even more visitors to the area.

Impact on the Local Economy

The Cheerwine Festival has had a significant impact on the local economy in Salisbury and the surrounding areas. The festival draws thousands of visitors each year, many of whom stay in nearby hotels and eat at local restaurants. This influx of tourism helps support the local economy and creates jobs for residents.

The festival also provides a platform for local businesses and entrepreneurs to promote their products and services. The exposure gained from participating in the festival can have a long-lasting positive impact on their sales and exposure.

Looking Ahead

The Cheerwine Festival has quickly become one of the most anticipated events in North Carolina. As the festival continues to grow, organizers are constantly looking for ways to improve the experience for attendees. In 2022, the festival will expand to two days, with even more activities, attractions, and vendors.


The Cheerwine Festival is a celebration of Southern culture and tradition that brings together locals and visitors alike. With its delicious food and drink offerings, live music and entertainment, and strong community spirit, it is no wonder why this festival has become such a beloved event in North Carolina and beyond. The festival’s positive impact on the local economy and small business community only adds to its significance. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Cheerwine Festival and look forward to celebrating all that makes the South great.

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